Nifty 23-05-2017

Expecting one more push UP to complete wave v/(v) and then correction to 9000 level should start.

Small wave iv seems matured and wave v/(v) should start now.

For this view to be valid, Nifty should not fall much below today’s Low.

Nifty 23-05-2017


3 thoughts on “Nifty 23-05-2017

  1. Hi there,

    once again, you proved that your understanding on EW is outstanding and the market turned up trapping huge number of shorts. I hope we will see at least one post per week from you.



  2. Dear Koyickal,
    Thanks for all these good words.
    I am trying to catch swing on either side. Since 23rd April, my analysis was not showing that market is into any sort of weakness. Hence I didn’t post any blog for a month.
    I like to keep it this way only but as many friends are requesting for frequent updates, I will see what best can be done.


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