Nifty 06-10-2018

Nifty is still forming 4th wave in Weekly chart. In Earlier post, I thought 5th wave has started but it turns out to be ‘B’ wave. Now we are in final ‘C’ wave of 4th wave. Once complete we’ll see new high.

Posting my views on nifty





Nifty 20-09-2018

Price is at same place of my last blog. I am not expecting price to go down from this point. As per my analysis – Price correction ends at this point. It should not go much below this.

However I had concern over 5 wave move. Which now I think made double correction.

Get ready for price to make NEW HIGH.

We can see double divergence in RSI also.


Nifty 11-09-2018

I think correction is complete or very near to completion.

We should see new high now.

My only concern is this wave (iv) looks like 5-wave structure. Anyway we will get clarity near 11600. My target is around 11600 for now